Sunday, June 22, 2008

Phoenix Rising

Don't these Logos look similar?

People I need to Thank

My friend that I have coached Little League for the past couple of years has been deployed to Afghanistan.
He sent some photos and some really great commentary.

... We gathered up our personnel, careful to take a headcount, with the kids gathering around and continuing to seek candy or treats as we left, as seen in the attached picture (035). We continued south for another 10 km to the village of Mangwal to inspect a Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) water well and hillside water storage project that will be used to provide water pressure to the village. Few convoys had ventured south of Khas Kunar before and as we passed through several villages on the way the local Afghanis came out to see us as if we were a big parade on the Fourth of July. I snapped the attached picture (037) of two girls watching us from the roof top of their dried mud constructed home. The other type of home that the locals build is made of stones, that are plentiful everywhere here, dry stacked together. (See picture 001)...

While at the Sarkani BP Station we came across a spider monkey that the BP guards kept as a pet tied up to a tree. He was small, no more than a foot and half tall, and cute. When we approached him close enough for him to reach us he jumped on my leg and started digging through the pockets in my ACU pants. Son of a gun was looking for candy and he knew exactly where to look to find a piece (see pic 003 where the monkey was going through Chiefs pocket). I gave him a piece and he was quite thrilled with his prize. It was a good laugh and nice respite from the days work.


I really appreciate the defenders who go abroad to keep the peace here at home.
and I am really proud to know one first hand.
Thanks Adrian

Friday, June 20, 2008

Image Web Site Of the Month

Enter a fey tags and then it populates the sphere.
It's fun Spin too.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Free The Photos

The Technology that killed Polaroid just might save it?

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