Tuesday, January 03, 2006

10 Best Americans

After reading Quite a few Blogs regarding the 10 Worst Americans.
I thought that I would hastily jot down my list of 10 Best Americans. (I may edit this list later)

10. Abraham Lincoln
9. George Washington
8. Thomas Jefferson
7. Thomas Alva Edison
6. Albert Einstein (OK so he was German, oops, or Austrian?? I don't know)
5. Walt Disney
4. Ronald Reagan
3. Benjamin Franklin
2. George Washington Carver
1. Thedore Roosevelt


GK said...

What about Martin Luther King Jr, FDR, JFK, Henry Ford, Oprah Winfrey (hate to say it), Lance Armstrong, Jesse Owens, and/or angelina jolie (that last might just be me)

gbradley said...

MLK and FDR and Jesse Owens are the only names on your list that I might reconsider adding.

OK, maybe Henry Ford, and Oprah.(She really does impress me)

But then who would I take off?

It just goes to show you that there really are a lot of great Americans to choose from.