Monday, July 17, 2006

PayPal Sucks

OK Heres the Story.
I bought some new tires and wheels for my truck.
I found an ad in the online version of the Recycler.
So I had my old Tires and Rims that were still in decent shape.
I auctioned them off on Ebay. They listed for $40.00 and final bid was $40.00.
The winning bidder paid with Paypal. He emailed me through Ebay and gave me his Cell phone number, so a few days later I met him at the baseball park and gave him the Tires and wheels.
A month goes by and then I get an Email from Paypal saying that the $40.00 deposit was on hold.
They say that they were investigating the transaction.
A week goes by and no word from Paypal, so I Email them, and they say that the use of the funds was fraudulant. They also say that since I didn't ship to a verified address, and didn't have a business account I wasn't eligible for protection. basically the SOB that took my tires probably ripped me off. I don't know for sure maybe he wasn't even at fault? Maybe it was his girlfriend pissed that he was buying tires.
Anyhow it was only $40.00, but thankfully it wasn't a whole lot more.
Can you imagine if I had sold a motorcycle or something?
All of Paypal's propaganda led me to believe that it was a safe and reliable way to do online transactions. As far as I am concerned $40.00 is a cheap lesson learned that Paypal can not be trusted.

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