Monday, August 21, 2006

Airline of the Month

Southwest Rocks!

Last weekend I had planned to take my Five and a half year old with me up to Sacramento to visit Grandma.
I got the low fare from Southwest Airlines $49.00 each way.
Well my kid is afraid of fast rides at Disneyland, but I thought that I had him convinced that Air travel was no big deal.
Well when we were just about to get on the plane, he started to freak out.
I tried to carry him onto the airplane and put him in a seat, but he was screaming big time by now.

It was terrible. There was not a soul on that plane that didn't hear him screaming and crying.
I asked the stewardess what I should do?
She was great, she tried her best to console my son, but he was inconsoleable by now.
Another stewardess came up to me and asked if we could take the next flight.
As we were getting off of the plane, I set Garrrett down just before the cockpit doors.
Well he made a left turn at the front door and booked it up the jet way and out into the airport lobby.

(I'm sure that applause broke out on the plane)

This is where Southwest was so great.
I talked to the flight assistants at the Gate that we just came from.
Racheal was one of the girls names, I don't remember the other girls name.
They were great. Racheal calmed down Garrett. then she scheduled me on a later flight that day.
Well I wasn't going to try and get Garrett on another plane that day, so I called my wife and had her bring Conner, my Eight year old down to the airport.
Southwest transferred Garrett's ticket over to Conner, and we made the 3:30 flight to visit Grandma.
Garrett swears that he will fly in a couple of years, but I think I will let my wife take him next time that we try.

I suppose that the airline could have treated me pretty badly, but they didn't.
They could have charged me to transfer the flight, but they didn't.
They could have chewed me out for disrupting a flight, but they didn't.
They transferred my flight, and got me on the next flight without any charge.
No problems and whithin about two minutes.
On Sunday, my return flight reservation had Conner's name on it. ( I thought that I would have to change that, but they had already taken care of it.)
I wanted to send an Email to Southwest to thank them, but they don't accept Emails.

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