Monday, September 11, 2006

911 Anniversary

I think that I will dedicate the five year anniversary to Michael Moore.
Who else has profited so much since 9/11?

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Tony said...

I hope what we had to say on the show about 9/11 at least was thought provoking.

The truth be told, I said on the air that none of the staff was "prepared" enough to do a 9/11 tribute. The reality is that I was, the producer was waiting for my co-host. My co-host (without telling anyone) decided he needed to do nothing because it was to emotionally trying for him to concentrate on 9/11 a month beforehand. (Sadly, I believe this was the excuse created after the fact to "explain" having done nothing. That is typical with every aspect of the show.)

Sorry about that...

Anyway, I hope what we did do on the show was thought provoking.