Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Berkeley Pit

DI has a new take on this.

I Was Browsing information on the Berkeley Pit in Butte Montana.
I came across this Article that showed me just how the Daily show gets the people to look so stupid on film.

Sesso's story provides a pretty good illustration of how the Daily Show goes about creating its segments. The effusive Sesso tells Gelf he was interviewed for roughly two hours. "They asked me everything under the sun," he says. "I was pretty well prepared, though, and apparently was pretty boring to them. So they closed by asking me to tell a joke."

Jon Sesso
Courtesy Montana Legislature
Jon Sesso

Sesso was unable to come with anything clean, he says, hence the pregnant pause that dominates much of the segment.

I visited the pit about 10 years ago and I thought that it was interesting.

Another long winded, but interesting read Here.

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