Friday, September 16, 2005


I was reading a post about Flight 93 and it got me thinking.
I am not a Military guy, but I think that the Pentagon is doing the the right thing in Arlington.
They are just rebuilding the Pentagon the way it was. Probably a little better, and maybe one of the cornerstones will have a plaque or something.
The Entire building will not be changed with some awful memorial though.
In New York City they are still trying to decide on what designs will memorilize the victims better.
I heard Rush say the other day that they should just rebuild the Twin towers the same height, maybe one foot taller and be done with it.
What better way is there to say to the terrorists "you aren't gonna stick it to us".

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Aaron said...

We should hike up the skirt on the Statue of Liberty. That'll really get under the skin of these terrorists.