Saturday, September 17, 2005


My son's soccer team won today.
The Rebels beat the eXtreme 5-3.

Boy when the game was ready to start I didn't know if we had a chance.
The opposing team players all had head bands on.
Even the coach had one on.
Before the game their calistentic routines were almost like the military.

They reminded me of the kids in the do jo from the movie The Karate kid.
These kids are all under 10 years old.
They should be out there having fun, but there coach was yelling and screaming at them like they were in High school.
I wouldn't let my kids coach behave that way.
I firmly believe in competition, but win at all costs, is not at all appropriate at this age level.

Anyhow, we spotted them 2 goals within the first five minutes.
Later in the first half we scored on them, and I think that shook their confidence.
We were up 4-2 at half time.
Austin plays defense mostly , so he diidn't score any goals.
We have one kid on our team Tristan who is a fantastic player. He scored three of our five goals.

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