Saturday, October 22, 2005

Horse Racing

Angela and I won some tickets to get into the Turf Club at Santa Anita Park.
Actually we won them at a silent auction fundraiser.
I guess that they are having Oak Tree Racing there now.
I haven't been to the Race track in a long time, and I have never been to the Turf club.
We are gonna go on Friday with some friends.
Now I'm a T-Shirt and Jeans kinda guy. I don't usually wear a coat and tie, so I am a little aprehensive about the dress code.
I think that I'll just wear some dress slacks and a collared shirt I don't know.
I'm sure to bet on the hose with the most techie sounding name.
Two dollars on "Firewire" to Win. Go Baby Go!
Wish me Luck.

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gbradley said...

Well the Day at the Races was great.
8 races we probably won three or four.
We didn't break even, but it didn't cost us a fortune either.
The racetrack was beautiful with no crowds.
We got into the Clubhouse which was nice, so we didn't even care about the Turf club.