Saturday, October 08, 2005


I'm not a Vegetarian.
I don't think that we would have evolved this far if we were all Vegetarians.

The only thing that bugs me more than Vegetarians are Vegans.
I mean how rediculous is that! No milk, No Cheese, No Eggs.
I once went to a wedding where the dinner was Vegan.
They had Fake Cheese on the sandwiches. ... iick!

Actually if you don't want to eat meat that's your business, but don't tell me not to.
I do like Vegetarian Pizza though. :-)


Aaron said...

Vegetarian/vegan interest groups want to convince everyone that humans are not meat eaters. They claim we eveolved to eat nuts and berries.

Why, then, do vegetarians often need nutritional suppliments and vitamin pills to keep healthy? They're substituting soy and vitamins for the proteins thay could get from meat.

You can't fight biology!

gbradley said...

Yes it's those finger waving tree hugging nah nahs telling me not to eat meat who drive me crazy too.